7 Wealth Creating Tips for Buy-to-Let Investors

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7 Wealth Creating Tips for
Buy To Let Investors

[Video Transcript]

Planning to buy and rent out property as an investment?

Check these seven tips from THE expert on BTL investments. . .

1. What is your target market? Residential? Commercial? What sort of tenants do you want? Knowing your target market influences where you need to look for properties.

2. Do you know the area? If not, get an expert to source your investment property. They know how to get the best ROI and if anti-social activities could reduce the value of your property. Treat this as a business, don’t take chances.

3. Is the location right? Proximity to amenities and transport may be important for your tenants.

4. Do your own research, don’t just rely on the selling agents’ details. Make sure the property fits the profile of your target tenant AND achieves the ROI YOU want.

5. View the property and go with your gut feeling. If you don’t feel comfortable in it, chances are neither will your prospective tenant.

6. Avoid DIY investments — any work you do must comply with extensive residential lettings legislation. Why take the risk of getting it wrong and facing crippling financial penalties?

7. Remember your earnings are liable for tax so involve your accountant as soon as possible — especially as the Inland Revenue is currently focusing on landlords’ undeclared income!

Have you really got the time to find the right property and check ALL these important points?

Save time, hassle and expensive mistakes with your BTL Investment — let Homesearch Properties do all the legwork for you. . .

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