Fundamentals of the Stock Market – Interactive Course

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Fundamentals of the Stock Market – Interactive Course
* Taking this course will provide you with a firm understanding of common securities traded in the stock market, such as stocks and bonds.
* The course explains key terms and processes in a clear and straightforward language, including a special emphasis on financial aspects.
* Useful web links and guides make for a practical learning experience.
* Enjoy learning with videos, animations and web links. Test yourself to get immediate feedback.
About This CourseSeeking a simple and effective way to get into the stock market? This course is designed as a beginner’s guide to investing and offers basic knowledge on the subject of various investment options.
Course Objectives

✔ Understand the basic language of the stock market and investing.
✔ Understand the concepts of stocks, bonds, warrants, mutual funds and other key elements of investing.
✔ Describe key procedures such as issuing stocks and warrants, trading options, calculating the selling and purchase prices of a mutual fund, and much more.
✔ Explain how trading in securities can be used to finance corporate activity.

Topic Outline
1. IntroductionTerminology | Types of Securities | General Background

2. StocksIssuing Stocks | Characteristics of Stocks | Shareholders | Types of Orders | Practical Terms | Stock Indices
3. BondsBonds Overview | Types of Bonds | Factors Affecting Bond Prices | Bond Terminology
4. WarrantsIssuing Warrants | How a Warrant Works | Comparing the Risk of Buying A Warrant | Immediate Exercise Premium | Leverage
5. Mutual FundsEstablishing A Mutual Fund | Choosing a Trustee | Calculating Selling and Purchase Prices | Fees | Mutual Fund Types
Global Finance School Learning CenterIncluded with this course is the Global Finance School Learning Center install CD. This software enables you to take lessons and quizzes, track your progress in the course, and once you’re finished studying, continue to more advanced courses (see screenshot above). Please check your inbox after purchase – we’ll email your activation code within 48 hours. Supports Mac.