How to Trade Yugioh Cards Online (Through the Mail)

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1.Use and appropriate envelope or box.
2.Make the the item is well protected.
3.If it is a card/cards use a plastic toploader.
4.Write Do not Bend! on the envelope or fragile on it if it’s a box.
5.If it is going to a different country, make sure to write the countries under the addresses.
6.Make sure that the item won’t get confiscated to being shipped to a different country.
7.If you make a video of the trade, don’t show the other person’s address.
8.Make sure to tell the person that you received the trade and tell them when you send it.
9.Make sure to tell the person soon if you have second thoughts about the trade and want to cancel it.
10.Make sure to get all the facts before calling a person a scammer. Things get lost in the mail and sometimes people mess up.