Investing Basics – Types of investments – Beginner Info

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Investing basics for beginners. Step 1 for information on investments types. This presentation shows different types of investments available at beginner level.

Special thanks and citation to Mutual Funds for Dummies book and Eric Tyson

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invesments says:
invesments says:
ETFguide says:

Thanks for the presentation. Our team at ETFguide publishes educational
videos for ETF investing. Feel free to check out our videos and our site.

Corbin Otis says:

Find yourself a online program that emulates the market and allows for you
to play with “fake money” this will allow you to get a idea of trading
techniques and value of stock. If you work take about 20% out of your
paycheck for each paycheck for 6months. that should be your play money.
When you finish with that repeat the process and create a saving account
(this is always great to have, especially at a young age).

Allen Close says:

i am 16 and im just getting started in the whole investing idea and i was
wondering do you have any tips and what starter money should i have. i
checked online and there no age limit except in real estate

InstTaxSolutionsLLC says:

There are so many investment options that many people may feel overwhelmed.
Great job in starting at the beginning and introducing the various

TradeTheseStocks says:

I’ll make sure to refer your video to others. You’d be surprised how many
people don’t know these things. Great time to look into gold now, it has
dipped nicely the past few weeks. And he has to say that it shouldn’t be
used for investment advice – he is just sticking to the laws, so don’t read
too much into it. It doesn’t negate his credibility. I hold a series 7
license, but I still say the same thing too. Great video, you are very

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