Investment Decisions and Fundamentals of Value

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This video is part of a series of lectures that comprise an MBA level course in Corporate Finance. The lectures build on concepts and principals developed in previous lectures and, therefore, are best viewed in sequence. However, each lecture is divided into topics which can provide students (MBA and advanced undergraduates) with a helpful review of a specific topic. Persons preparing to take the CFA Exams will also find these lectures useful. The course consists of the following video lectures:

1. Investment Decisions and the Fundamentals of Value.
2. Financial Statements and Cash Flow (5 parts)
3. Discounted Cash Flow Valuation (6 parts)
4. Investment Decision Rules (5 parts)
5. Making Capital Investment Decisions (2 parts)
6. Valuation of Bonds (4 parts)
7. Stock Valuation (3 parts)
8. Lessons from Capital Market History (3 parts)
9. Risk and Return (3 parts)
10. CAPM (3 parts)
11. Risk and Capital Budgeting (3 parts)
12. Capital Budgeting Analysis (3 parts)

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