Long term investment

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Long term investment
Based on materials http://www.thefirstgroup.com

Considering any property purchase as a long-term investment makes it possible for an investor to maximize a return on investment. The Dubai off-plan property market segment has witnessed a considerable growth in interest from foreign investors because it is the perfect solution for forward-looking investors seeking a lucrative long-term investment.
In comparison to already constructed property objects, the most significant advantage of off-plan property is its lower cost. There is an opportunity to achieve high capital gains from the property at the time of its completion due to overall market price increases.
Buyers opting for this type of investment are legally protected by the Dubai Land Department, which obliges developers to follow certain requirements in order to ensure transparency and eligibility of future transactions. Investors are also supported by government initiatives limiting the number of speculative deals.
In order to ensure the maximum gains from this long-term investment, certain basic rules are to be followed. They refer to learning the building location and technical characteristics in advance, making a choice of a reputable developer through conducting extensive research, careful reviewing of contractual terms, and clarifying maintenance and management issues.