Property Investment News: Why savings can lose you money?

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The Queen has stepped in this week to urge for greater protection for savers. As shocking report shows that most of us are losing money by placing our cash in a savings account. If you have cash in the bank right now, you’re actually losing money. Why didn’t the Queen act earlier?

Abbey is pushing up the pace on competition. They’ve launched a new current account with no fees and there’s no doubt the other banks will follow. Will UK banks be on their knees with this new product from Abbey?

We hear from a bunch of businessman sick of being turned away by their banks. So they’ve gone to the councils to set up a community bank for local businesses. Find out why this is an excellent idea to create some extra competition.

More house price predictions. We take a look at the top 5 experts make their predictions for 2010 – this range from growth of 2 to 3 per cent to fall of 6 percent. Who can we trust and what are their reasons for their huge differences?


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