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If you have an interest in learning how to pick profitable stocks consistently or are trying to trade now but struggle with your trading then my stock scanning tool and trading course may work for you. I have tried a lot of different trading styles and used many different stock software and indicators but also have taken many stock trading courses and seminars as well, and from my experience since the year 2000 is that 95% of the knowledge and tools available on the market do not work. I through time figured this out and wanted to come up with a way that truly works and that is what I have done. I currently use my scanning software which will screen 500 plus stocks, currencies, commodities, ETFs and penny stocks, the scan will show me on a daily basis which ones are breaking out or collapsing downward, I then go through these stocks and look for profitable and reliable trading setups and then finally I take these trades. Usually I am successful 80% of the time. I recommend new traders and struggling traders to use higher time frames and get away from intra-day trading meaning day trading. It is a lot easier to find success with swing trading where your trades are either one day to two weeks long. To learn more go to

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