Ten Secrets Of Stock Markets Part1

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As per the statistics, only 2% people make money in the stock markets. 98% of people who lose money are the common retail investors. Many retail investors lack the right knowledge and discipline while investing. This video was floated by Abundance Stock Advisors, Pune, India based stock advisory and training company, to empower the retail investors with the right knowledge and thus help them make money in the stock markets.
This session covers:
1. All the secrets of the functioning of stock markets.
2. The important strategies that help one take right decisions while investing and eventually fall in the category of 2% money-making people.
3. Laws of ‘Attracting’ Money, Prosperity and Abundance.
The session is a MUST-WATCH if you invest (or are planning to invest) in the stock markets. An investment in knowledge pays the best returns throughout your life. A good investment is always based on Knowledge and never on Numbers!