A Practical Guide to Investing – Should I Invest in Convertible Bonds?

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This video tutorial from http://proactinvest.net addresses the question whether convertible bonds should be a part of a long-term investor’s portfolio.

Video Timeline
0:01 Intro
1:42 Key questions covered in the lesson
2:08 What are convertible bonds?
3:30 Advantages to issuers of convertible bonds
4:19 Advantages to investors
5:18 Disadvantages to investors
5:48 Morningstar overlay chart VCVSX, VFINX, VFIIX
7:55 Converts highly correlated with the stock market
8:50 There are better bond funds with less risk out there like LSBRX
10:14 Reward to risk (Q Sharpe ratio) comparisons
12:34 Avg annual % returns – best and worst year comparisons
13:23 The bottom line

It is a chapter from the upcoming E-Book & video series entitled A Practical Guide to Investing Safely and Wisely by Richard Wiegand, which will be available to subscribers in coming weeks. I welcome your comments and feedback and hope that you can help spread the word to all your friends and family!