Commercial Window Tinting is a Money-Saving Investment

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ACT Light Control – Commercial Window Tinting and Frosted Film Specialist since 1995. Call us now for a FREE QUOTE 0422 173 804 or visit

Do you want to save money by cutting down on your electricity cost?
Do you want to feel extra comfortable when you’re in your office?
Do you want to increase the safety of your employees and the security of your office?

If you found yourself nodding to any of these questions then you seriously need to consider getting a tint specialist.

Not only that. Commercial window tinting

• Ensures your privacy
• Protects your furniture, equipment and flooring from fading and heat damage
• Protects you and the people around you from the harmful rays of the sun
• Makes your office to look good from the outside

In Canberra, the number one in the industry is ACT Light Control. We have been offering high-quality window tinting products and services since 1995.

Aside from that, we also take pride in our team of experts who have dedicated their time and knowledge in working closely with our clients to give them more than what they deserve.

To know more about what we offer, visit our website, If you’re interested in having window tints installed in your office, get a free quotation now by calling 0422 173 804.

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