[English] What is Forex Trading? Why Trade Forex? – in English

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Today in this publication we are going to learn about Forex Trading (Currency Trading) & get the answer to the question “why trade Forex?”

This video is in the English Language.

To watch the Hindi version of this video follow: https://dai.ly/x6ymdlo

To watch the Bengali version of this video follow: https://dai.ly/x6ymdln

As we know Forex means Foreign Exchange. It is also known as currency trading. This is the means of converting other country’s currency to the local currency or vice versa.
Now Forex Trading is driven majorly by two intentions. One is solely for commercial purpose and second is the retail trade or speculation trade.

This video is a part of Stock Market Basics for Beginners video series. This topic will help you to understand what is commercial forex trading and what is retail forex trading? How you can invest or trade in forex.

Watch this video and visit the main article to learn more.

Link to the main website article: https://www.financeorigin.com/what-is-forex-trading-for-beginners/


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