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Aurora is a parody of an original charer imagined by an author of the same name, Aurora Dawn. You can read his work here:\r
I used to get lost in stores all the time when I was a kid.\r
This video is a slightly more abstr parody! Were poking fun at a few concepts. The first of which is based around the conflict of marketing towards children, where adults and kids have different lines of reasoning when it comes to making choices. Auroras, in this case, take her and a cereal box clear across town in a moment of blind panic. The MLP show was directed towards kids, but has become subject to a lot of scrutiny from adults, and the shows writing now often tries to strike a delicate balance between the emotional wants of the two.\r
Additionally, were making fun of the general freedom and whimsy associated to the whole pony universe. The same lax attitudes that allow the Cutie Mark Crusades to run amok in Ponyville is precisely what would allow a slightly more excitable child to ride a bus anywhere she wants for her own inscrutable ends. Such is the duel-edged nature of freedom and risk in romanticism.

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