Now Is The Best Time To Invest In A Care Home Property

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Close – care home investment opportunities

Care homes are a growing asset class that can provide its investors with a substantial financial return.
Care homes offer investors who wish to build their property portfolio an alternative to the more traditional buy-to-let residential properties.

Are Care Homes A Good Investment For You?

2014 – £4.5 billion worth of deals within the care home sector, which validates this type property investment as a sustainable strategy.
The care home industry has been demonstrating a high level of market stability and an appealing risk-reward ratio.

The future of care home investments in the UK is forecast to be strong due to the sustainable demand and one of the highest returns of any property asset class.

Care home investment benefits:
A long-term investment with a 10-year rental assurance of 10% per annum.
A buy back option of 110% after 5 years and 125% after 10 years.

What to Consider in Care Home Investments

Many care home investments will be off-plan.
Another huge factor in any property investment is location.
With care home investments you need to consider the quality of the development and the level of care residents will receive.

The market for care home investments is driven by the rising life expectancy of residents in the UK.
The rising numbers of seniors is mirrored by the rising demand for long-term health care facilities.

Care home investments and developments from private sectors are relieving the pressure on the NHS to combat this problem.
The lack of public funding has opened the door to profit-seeking private investors looking to take advantage of the high demand.

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