Money With Monika: Investing in gold versus returns from stocks

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Money with Monika is a weekly personal finance show that answers your queries on all investment matters. In Episode 2, personal finance expert Monika Halan discusses the returns from investments in gold versus the stock market. She explains how gold investments are crucial to diversify your portfolio, but over-investing in gold may not be the smart option in the long run. Monika Halan is the Consulting Editor of Mint, and author of Let’s Talk Money. In this series, she takes you through the various avenues of savings open to an individual – deposits, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance and pension funds – to discover the best way to maximise your returns while minimising your risk. She will also be taking questions from viewers on financial products that suit depending on income, age, risk appetite and life goals. If you want to see your money grow, do tune in to Money with Monika.


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